My life, My gloom, My doom

The rain falls on my windows, the trees from it’s bounty gain
Don’t know how many tears will I shed to finally wash away my pain
Always misunderstood was I ….. stood in a corner as the world passed by
Thought I had found someone who understood my pain…only to be hurt & disappointed once again
The painful memories till date were locked behind, only to come rushing as tears flowing fast from my eyes
Bringing forth all the sad times, putting me through the torture successfully left behind
I wonder for how long will I drag thus through this life so vague
I’m tired of living lies with which my existence is plagued
The anguish like a wave in me, swells & ebbs
The tempest mounts & threatens to kill my cheer when it ends
The mirror neither manipulates nor lies
I see an empty, hollow me…with red eyes & cry lines
Evening draws adding to my gloom
All my tears have sadly failed to flood this momentary doom
So as I write this piece now, I pray for a miracle to pin my pain down

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