The Devil’s Waltz

He’s been around a long, long while,
With stone cold eyes and a lopsided smile.
Lurking in shadows deep and dark,
Luring into his lair all those with a faint heart.
Every vice a man possesseth makes his an easy task,
Dare you not look into the face, you’ll see but a mask…
His talon-like grip clutches at your guilt;
Spinning you around his fingers and the music starts.
With greed he creates the symphony,
Temptation provides the melody.
With deceit he hits a note high and bold,
Cruelty chimes in making the air dull and cold.
Another spin & you are thrown apart,
Slowly, painfully draws you close; sucking the very life from your heart.
With agony your soul wails…
Begs for salvation, cries for deliverance from pain…
He leans over & the look says it all- ‘Mercy is not what thou shalt get…
Thou shalt not rise after this fall‘ and
Mirthlessly you accept your doom; for this be the devil’s waltz.

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