I clutch to the last straws of my strength,
Frantic to regain the rhythm of my choking breath.

You know it’s too late to make amends…painfully I watch the frenzy with which your body contorts & bends

In remorse you cry over the crimson river which from my body flows,
Darling it was you…Darling it was you…surely death’s sweetest blows.

My insides burn, my body grows cold…Slowly, vividly; memories, joys & regrets like a movie before me unfold

A bright light beckons me from the loins of a bottomless hollow,
Promising eternal peace, freedom from sorrow

Hold me close, draw me near…
Let me feel your breath, taste the angst in every tear…

I forgive you for bringing death & ask for love’s last kiss…’cz the warmth of your lips I’ll eternally miss

Darkness closes upon me,
I’m slipping away…
Let go of me now…I die now to rise another day…


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