Without You

“Without you, I can do nothing;
Without you, I’d surely fail”
Written above are two lines from a hymn that we – as students of a Convent school – sang almost every weekas a part of the morning assembly. I don’t remember the remainder of the hymn; or any other that we HAD to sing at school, apart from the fact that 60 not-so-melodic voices would surround you and drive away the remnants of sleep that you were vehemently trying to preserve after being pulled out of bed at 5.
Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to reminisce about the glorious memories at school or how bad singers most of the girls(including me) at school were; it’s about how perfectly these two lines, from a song long forgotten, describe my gratitude to three people that I will be indebted to forever and beyond. They are those who have seen me at my best and tolerated and put up with me at my worst – my mum, my twin N and my best friend A; not necessarily in that order.
Words fail me when it comes to this woman whose core was the source of my genesis. I’ve been reasoned with, hollered at and tended to by this beautiful person with undying love for her sometimes snappy offspring. She is the reason why I stand by the choices that I have made now and those that I will in the future. My strength lies in knowing that she trusts me and that is enough for me to turn a deaf ear to the din created by all those two-faced sorry excuses for humans that life sometimes crosses your paths with. I hope I am able enough to emulate her as I grow older and hopefully wiser.
My twin N – Love her not only because I share the process of my genesis with her but also due to the fact that my chances of finding someone who understands me as well as her are pretty slim; taking into account random permutations and throwing in numbers that make up the world population. The only one person that I can scream, shout, abuse, push-pull-kick (we’ve done that…. A LOT) YET know for a fact that two minutes down the line one of us will have something SO important to speak that the little incident will now be deemed silly and peace be restored. I share a Huge part of my life with her, to such a huge extent that it has now become my best friend’s MISSION to see to it that the world STOPS seeing us as superimposable copies but as two individuals born at the same birth.
Which brings me to
my best friend A [ 🙂 ]- He is the one person who can take a dig at me and still make me feel good about it, give me an honest opinion without sounding preachy and the ONLY person to walk the face of this earth, who I know for sure, will Not judge me. Indebted to this gem for being my pillar of strength each time life was busy being a bitch, for the kind, caring words that held us (N and me) before we crumble or give up- the one person who gives me hope that the world is not that a bad place after all. I sincerely hope and fervently pray that Someone up above creates a few more specimens in my best friend’s light; the world could definitely use people who have a golden heart and an endearing persona.

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