Twins you say?? Oh yeah, its fun!

“Yes, we are twins. 
No, you may not continue staring.
For the love of God, look straight up at the damned road and let us cross to the other side!!!!”

Above is a *normal* monologue in my head that can best be described as an answer to “what does it feel like to have a twin?” Happens EVERY single day when we leave from work and are about to cross the road at the intersection. 
I get that for scores of people twins are fascinating works of nature but please try to wrap up the stare-fest in under 2 seconds!
Then there is a separate breed of people (read COMPLETE strangers while commuting long distance by train) who take it upon themselves to play “20 questions” every time they spot twins. Sample this-
“Are you’ll identical”
“Do you both wear the same clothes?” *Nope, we’re boring. Just clothes :s
“Who’s more intelligent? Oh, both are studying the same thing?”
“Do you both like the same kind of food?”
“What rubbish! You look like carbon copies!!” *please go on; I enjoy you insulting my individuality
“If I hit her, will you get hurt?” *Not Sure. Though YOU stand a pretty strong chance of! …. You get the drift.
Exasperating does Not even begin to describe the ordeal.

All the ranting aside, its actually pretty awesome being a twin, especially on days when people don’t treat you like some alien twosome trying to walk down the street! To have someone who thinks like you yet has their own set of opinions and ideas (some of which are pretty awesome. Yes Nashwa, I’m praising here. Take a bow!) is quite an experience. When one is the voice of reason for another without being  judgemental is the best kind of companionship. Sibling rivalry is a word unknown! There really was never any jealousy or any race where one tried to outdo the other. On a more devious note, the schemes and plottings are twice as much evil and if we have to prove our innocence, the stories corroborate to the T! Inside jokes with twins are an altogether different ball game! No words needed! Conversations are held with just a pair of eyes, eyebrows and the occasional expression or two. This silent conversation makes passing jokes so easy, as the expressions are too subtle to notice by an untrained eye.

Having painted a near utopian picture of being a twin (and making the reader totally green till this point), let’s face facts. 

  • You have to spend a large part of your day with someone as stubborn (if not more) than you.
  • If disagreements escalate to arguments, it becomes a duel of wits. You are pitted against someone with an EQUAL proficiency in sarcasm, snark and snide retorts. Exasperating, yet entertaining.
  • You are treated like a Combi-pack; if one screws up, both get an earful, lest the other is tempted to repeat the same stupidity in the near future.
  • Being nearly the same weight and height, “hand-to-hand” combat is *extremely fair*. Its only a question of who tires out faster.
  • One ends up becoming the food-taster; a kind word for the “lab rat”. There’s a new dish cooked at home? Nagwa tastes it first- if the reaction is favourable, THEN AND ONLY THEN shall Nashwa partake of the morsel.
  • Wrapping gifts! Such an exciting time when duties are shared. One wraps the gift, makes it look all pretty while the other gets to become the “official tape cutter and custodian of the scissors”.
  • It took us pretty long to understand that not *everyone* (including mum and dad) is in sync with what we have to say. It was a steep learning curve to break down the situation and explain it before discussions are held.
I could go on and on about little things that make our experience as twins unique, exasperating and downright entertaining but I would not want to exchange it for the wealth of this world! Having a twin is special, its like having a friend who understands you perfectly with you all the time! 🙂


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