Rocío sat weeping, begging for food & money

Her trained innocent face evokes sorrow & pity in the hearts of many

Through morn & evening this little gypsy urchin begs & steals;

Then empties her pockets to a fat old hag who gives her meals.

The years roll & she grows into a pretty raven-haired gypsy;

Unknown to her, the menfolk have sold her for easy money

She tries to flee her sad fate….

Only to be stopped by her burly “owner” at the gate.

What later unfolds is a saga of torture, abuse & pain

Only when the beast sleeps; respite does poor Rocío gain.

She bears it all by day & by night;

Patiently waiting for the chance to bleed his heart when the time is right.

One night she entices him into drunkenness ;

Out of reasoning, almost out of consciousness.

With stealth & finesse, she nestles her dagger in his breast

He escapes into the light with a deafening scream, while she stands watching without remorse or regret.

Quietly she slips out; with a renewed zest for life;

Looks heavenward & silently prays for the honour to be a worthy man’s wife.

** The inspiration for this piece was a short documentary by National Geographic that traced the history, origin and the current state of gypsies across the globe. Though considered exotic by many, this little community seems to be cursed with a similar theme of poverty, grief and unrest.


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