Freedom from fears

I am an expressive person by nature. Both actions and words assist me to convey what I am feeling given a particular situation. As an introvert for a good 13 years of my life, I took to the pen to blurb out bottled up words, feelings or ideas. The habit has since continued and took shape of several poems, snippets and prose…basically words that were trapped in my head and needed to be poured out.
College provided me with varied experiences, emotions and muses (yep, done that too). Then came work. I bagged that one solely because of my writing skills. The irony? I got too busy and the words that were in my head got caught up in cobwebs. Tangled, incoherent. The words would flow great for all  things work-related but when it came to venting them out for reasons creative- roadblock. It was frightening to say the least! I was left wondering whether or not will I be able to string up words or express myself coherently through the written, creative medium.
For a year and a half, it was almost a struggle to complete poems, too many WIPs hanging around in my Evernote, capturing an idea while travelling back from work but at a complete loss when it came to structuring it…get the dismal picture? As the stint at my current place of employment comes to an end, I feel lighter. Sure the words are coming at a slower pace but they arrive nonetheless. Take today for instance, with just two days left for me to quit work, I already have the idea for two posts in my head that I plan to write soon. A mental thing? Maybe. For now, I’m just glad to have found my writing mojo back!

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