Blaze of Glory

Date, March 20, 2013

In almost a year and a half of working at an establishment in close proximity to the beach, there has not been a sunset as beautiful as today’s. A perfect reminder that some things, thankfully, do remain untouched by human greed. The sky was a fabulous gradient, rich blue hues caressed a silken sheet of golden and tickled the expanse a brilliant shade of pink. As the seconds ticked by, the golden faded and hid in the azure folds while the pink-emboldened by the late hour- intensified in appeal and hue.
It’s a pity that a sight as spellbinding as this can depress some. An experience as thus is beyond humbling; to behold a scene which in its essence is a perfect representation of the ever changing nature of life!

The summer sky then unleashed beauty in all it’s glory with rich crimson to rival the rippling blue below as I stole a last glance before heading back home…

.Juhu Beach

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