Changing Tides…

Finally after weeks of planning to go to the beach she was headed there. It seemed rather strange that something like that required planning; the beach after all was a mere 15 minute walk away. She mused about the last time she’d walked down that path and how much things had changed between then and now.
The sameness of the surroundings struck her as both odd and reassuring… “Guess that’s why they say some things never change“, she observed with a small smile. The salty air drifting from the distance felt like old times. Sure she’d been to other beaches before…but this little section of the city coastline felt like her own.
She thought of the countless summer evenings that she had marched down here in a huff of anger and frustration only to get back home as if sailing on a cloud. It was almost as if the steady rhythm of the crashing waves drowned out her anger and brought semblance to her chaos.
Today, however, she sensed something amiss. Her timing wasn’t quite right. I make it here after ages and manage to miss my sunset; she chided herself with frustration leftover from the preceding week.
The sky showed blue and grey almost as if in an embrace but she longed to see the reds and violets dancing on a yellow canvas. The dry, velvety sand was a befitting consolation and after enjoying the symphony of the waves for a couple of minutes, she traced her way back home.
For the first time she was angry on the way back. Upset even. Then a thought struck her: The beach isn’t going anywhere. With a little effort and better timing next time I may just get to catch my sunset back.
That was when she resolved to make it a point to get some normalcy in her crazy routine and with time she too will find her rhythm.



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