Behold the poetry, one brick at a time…

I cannot claim to possess amazing photography skills. I may have a wonderful idea about capturing this shot from such perspective but somehow something falls short. Thankfully I am not so bad (I like to believe) at articulating what I see in words. I wanted to do nothing but that when I passed by Perry Cross Road at Bandra a few days ago. A beautiful amalgamation of old with new, the place exudes its own brand of magic that would have anyone beholding it mesmerised.

When you have your extended family in Daman, a stronghold of the Portuguese during colonial India, it is quite natural to be drawn to things that remind you of a place where you have several fond childhood memories. Sloping red-tiled roofs, ornate balcony grills, dainty window detailing and a porch with columns adorn almost every old villa or cottage located on Perry Cross road. Needless to say, the architecture tugged at that spot in my heart that goes completely mushy and nostalgic over all things quaint and colonial.

Aged approximately a few decades or more, the houses personify the ‘Beaten but not broken’ adage. Windows no longer have all of the detailing intact, the paint is missing in most places and the bricks are peeking out from several corners as if trying to wrap their head around the fact that the house next door is now a swanky, modern housing society. The trees dotting the compound are either withered or surrounded by a pile of leaves, rubble and debris yet they compel the mind to imagine about the gloriously sunny summers or countless monsoons that they have endured.

What’s special then, about these old almost rickety houses? Possibly the fact that they transport you to an era well before your time and get you thinking that these very structures were privy to the transformation of Bombay, a very important British colony, to Mumbai – a metropolis immersed in chaos. 


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