A year and counting

“Meow!!” *insert tail flick
This is how most of the mornings at home begin and frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Jump back 15 years where scrawny twin girls beg Daddy to allow that cute little kitty that they have just played with to bring him home. Dad’s issue then and through the years remained the same- a third floor apartment is not the ideal way for a cat to skedaddle in case he wants to take care of his morning routine. What’s different now? A puny kitten with Energizer-bunny level of willingness to jump, skip or play and the Internet! It was the abundance of reliable information available on the Internet that made us realise that it’s completely normal for cats to be “indoors-only” and that there exists the litter tray for them to take care of their morning (at times evening) routine.
So why the sudden affection for cats, we asked Dad when he told mum in very plain words “Let’s keep him”? The white rim around his eyes is what my father claims did him in. I think it was also the endearing way this fuzzy little thing would toss and wrestle with our footwear every time he stopped by with his mommy by our door for some petting and chow. This habit (which, by the way, continues till date) was why mum decided to name him Rambo once we were permitted to keep him home.
It’s now a little over a year that this playful, silly golden tabby has managed to claim our hearts and well, practically every corner/piece of furniture/stationery in our home.
With two summers, a monsoon and a winter past us, it feels pretty amazing to share the “den” with him as we rest after a day of eating healthy meals, several short naps, a few purrs and games of fetch or tag.


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