Never too old for some Minion love!


Watched Despicable Me 2 on Friday. Loved it! The highlight- the bevy of those bumbling, adorable minions! Friends and twin thought that it was a tad bit short…then again, how much can you extend a plot. At least it wasn’t stretched to the point of making you want to gouge your eyes with Just the temple of the (amazing??) 3D glasses.
Midway, all of us decided that the movie experience is incomplete without enjoying a Happy Meal at McDonald’s. Why? The Toy of the Week was a collection of adorable yet ditzy minions!!! So off we marched as soon as the end credits rolled, to grab ourselves our very own minions. Nevermind the odd look and the “Happy Meal? The one with the toy?”, comment that our sever threw our way. In the end, it was just a group of four 22-year olds enjoying a meal that truly brought them joy!


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