Anjuna – A Melody of Peace.

Bliss. Tranquility. Joy. These are the only words that come to mind when I think of the midnight spent at Anjuna Beach, Goa. It was a weekend getaway. A trip that got extended by a day. My maiden sojourn to Goa – India’s land of sun, sea, abundance and the occasional inequity.

To stand there by the shoreline, well past midnight with the two people that I love the most – my twin sister and the Forever-best-friend; is a memory I’ll revisit for as long as I live! The waves rise, the current is the strongest a foot behind the shoreline. Under my feet rested the grainy sand, pebbles, rocks, stones and broken shells carried forth from the womb of the sea only to be lost and mixed with the shore. Above me was the waning moon, exactly half in size but complete in its glory. The water rushes to my feet. Every seventh wave reaches mid-thigh on my puny frame. Its coolness warms the heart, overwhelms the senses and I am compelled to drown out all sound, tune out the static noise in my head and just be. Arms linked with the best friend, twin sister at the side, standing together in companionable silence; I savour the moment and lose myself to its intoxicating charm. All is quiet, save for an occasional shriek or squeal when the water rushes in far too quickly or the waves behave unruly and break their rise-on-the-sixth-swell pattern. I feel like a child, only to be reminded that I was never let this close to the water then, not at this “ungodly hour” and I count my blessings for the experience.

The sound of Anjuna’s waves, her symphony creates a beautiful melody with the lingering music of some trance track playing at Curlie’s- Anjuna’s pride and ecstasy.  The beach is almost empty, at least where we stand, dark, calm, cool. The only light that illuminates is from the moon and some more streams from the shack behind. The music, the waves, the darkness- it is like an artful combination, a heady drug- one which makes you want to get high but you see yourself holding back just enough to remember it all.

The sea rises and falls, stones swirl at my feet. They caress the ankles, the grainy sand tickles and pricks the toes, it teases the sole; like a lover in a playful mood. Every nerve in the body is awakened, alive and thrumming. You become conscious of the merriment behind you, the beauty above you and the tranquillity that you have linked your arms with. That’s it. In that one moment I rediscovered inner peace. That little beacon which creeps in from the most innocuous of places, settles in a warm spot at your core and makes home there.

Anjuna – Thank you for your beauty, your grace, your symphony and your abundance. You are my happy place.


There are places that rob a part of you, fill your soul with peace yet leave you yearning for more.


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