Lunchtime Love

It is 1 pm or as I call it, time to sample an abundance of food; of flavors, love, compassion and kindness. Like clockwork, computer screens are locked and the writers and editors alike switch off. There is a flurry, I see my colleagues going downstairs to the pantry to heat up their meal, while some settle into chairs around their closest friends and eat. There are those that move around like nomads, just that these people move from one group to the next, sampling food and sharing from their own. There are a few, like my friends and I, who take joy in sharing and go about passing the meal to others. At times, I may feed a spoon or two to my friends, because true love lies in sharing the nourishment that my body is going to be blessed with.

The not-so-tiny office space is alive. The air is charged with conversations, mindless gossip, harmless banter, merriment, compliments and the heady aroma of food. Food that has been prepared carefully, packed well and made with love. The fragrance that lingers and tantalizes the senses speaks of rich cultural heritage of the country that I call home.  Mid-laughter, I often find myself looking up, stopping and realizing that it is food alone that connects strangers because there is no love like that for food.


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