Ever sit and wonder how people become friends. It’s strange how you find people along the way. And they become a huge part of your story. One minute you’re strangers, never crossed paths before and the next instant you’re spiraling down the abyss of life. Together.
The beauty of time and how it connects people continues to amaze me. In one moment, we find our paths connecting with countless people, entities with faces that you may never again see.  Sharing a moment in our lives, without even realising that it happened.
Then there are those who come in our life. Some are like visitors in a foreign land, focussing to look at the nook and crannies, exploring them because they are curious. Like tourists they leave, simply because their curiosity has been quelled, there is nothing more for them on offer or just because there are far prettier lands that have caught their momentary fancy. Because like expert travellers, they know the fine art of detachment. The  pain subsides, when you recognise them as nothing but drifters along your way. You get over these people in days, weeks or months, years at the most. These could be anyone – old friends that you grew up with, the teacher who you idolized, the lover who you trusted with all your heart or the friend who you thought you will grow old and senile with. Life goes on and you move ahead…
It is those that make home in your mind and heart that you must protect yourself against. The funny thing in this case is that you do nothing about that. You take a gamble and trust them. Slowly they find their way to the darkest, loneliest parts of you, parts that no one has bothered to see, love and accept. These are the people that everyone knows they will find at least once in their lifetime. You simply know that you will find them,  sorta like a wisdom that poets such as Rumi talk about. The truth that you are born with only to uncover it when its time has arrived.
At some point, they become this wall that you lean on to, as you hobble your way through and a life without this seems scary, lost and desolate. They feel like your own, being around them brings you a sense of peace. The sense of belonging may even astound you because you may think yourself inept of feeling something so amazing. A love so massive, so pure that it defies every sense of attachment you have ever felt. You know full well that losing them will be like contracting an ailment you will never recover from; you may find the strength to operate but there will always be that dull ache, a constant reminder of what you once had. Yet you go ahead, with your heart all naked, deprived of its armour, because you feel alive. It’s a lot like being in love; you’re scared of it falling apart yet a part of you eggs you on, in a bid to see what it’d be like if it all falls in place. This, however, is far greater than amorous love; for it is the love of a soul mate. It runs way too deep.

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