The Dancer and the Poet – Know the Crazies

The Dancer and the Poet is an endeavour of partnership. One where serendipity conspired heavily with chance to create something lasting (hopefully) and magical. As it is an effort by two, it is only fitting that the contributors have a go about the other.
Introducing, The Dancer:
There is something beautiful about friendship. Two seemingly different people find each other in a shared situation, find that they have a few things in common and Bam! You’re friends.

Soon, you begin to exchange ideas, ideologies, beliefs and what have you. You could be like peas in a pod or as different as chalk and cheese! Its the similarity, or a lack of it, that defines your relationship. You learn to adjust around each other’s behaviors and if all goes well, the bond just grows. As twenty-somethings, it is only natural to want to take this further and work together. Imagine a colleague whose ideas match with yours or those that challenge yours in a healthy, positive way! Exciting, right? It was a yearning for this very partnership that planted the seeds for this page- The Dancer and the Poet. The Dancer is a dear friend and a budding writer who has the courage to follow two of her passions fiercely – Dancing and Writing. The clarity of her thoughts is startling and I have found myself thinking a lot about the conversations that we have. These conversations aren’t a rarity, just that we  may get carried away talking about the craziest, the most random of things under the sun. (Do follow her blog, you’ll have a lot to think about! She seems like a very sane, insightful person on her blog but is my MadChild Monkey personally).

There are moments in your life when you find something you weren’t even searching for, to begin with! She’s that for me. Its as if my latent yearning for a writing buddy was fulfilled the day I met her at work, the dancer who dances with her soul and writes from her heart.”
Love, the Poet, puny yet powerful!

The Dancer writes about the Poet:
“In a seemingly barren island I found a friend full of life. Make no mistake, this grammar Nazi may throw oodles of attitude but it’s only because she lets only the worthy in. Her charming smile, cute cat-like expressions and honesty charmed my pants off (maybe even literally). Like a breath of fresh air I suddenly found a dear friend who shared a similar passion like me on writing, random thoughts, opinions and basically anything under the sun.

Her Beauty lay in her heart that was just like a molten chocolate cake- hard on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside (now I’m craving a chocolate lava cake 🙂 ). Once you get to know her gooey side, you will lose yourself in the smooth texture and simple flavour.
And so the friendship blossomed. She encouraged me and made me sane on most days (on others I would whoop her ass straight). Suddenly I found myself getting close to her and loving her just the way she is (cat-like expressions and gothic looks et all). And he we are – the Dancer and the Poet – hope that this happy marriage leads to flow of creative ideas! Happy reading!
FYI I love you so much. You mean more to me than you know. I rarely get so close to someone so easily.”
From your dancing diva . Always dancing, always writing. 😉
So that’s it, you now know your Dancer and your (puny) Poet; expect posts that are a blend of randomness, madness, insights -all served with passion on the side!



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