The Memory Keeper


Memories of you
I have preserved
In a corner of my heart
Like a chest of drawers
With your section
Locked and secure
Some days I pass by
Trailing my hands along the lines
Feeling the cold metal and warm wood
A ghost of a smile playing on my lips
For I know you’re there
But courage flees me,
And I never open the lock

At others, images of our days in the sun
Come crashing down
Like a sheaf that tumbles off a shelf
When a stray paper is yanked out
So I sit, getting rained upon
Sheet by sheet, they come flying down
Fall and settle in a random fashion
Taking up all the space
As I marvel at the beautiful mess it makes


2 thoughts on “The Memory Keeper

  1. Oftentimes, when there are too many memories, locking them away seems to be a welcome option. Re-visiting them hurts, but some of them are treasures locked away in an island. When you want, you can use a map to bring you there. Love the poem, Nagwa!

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