Happiness – How Much is too Much?

It was a random conversation with friends at work; how much love was enough for us, enough to keep us happy. At some point or another, we have all faced a situation where love has altered our perception of happiness. It reminded me of this silly yet oft repeated love quote, where love in some form or the other becomes a reason for joy.


As I launched myself in the banter that soon turned to a whole new direction on Randomville, I found my thoughts veering towards a question that is a paradox unto itself. Happiness. How much is too much? It’s an emotion, a state of mind, yet so elusive given the world we live in. How many of us can say that we are truly happy? Busy schedules, the drive to cut it out in this dog eat dog world leave us dashing to take that one extra step. In the process, exhaustion takes over, and a little room left to find at least one small thing that makes one really, truly feel happy. Now, this doesn’t mean that the whole of the human race is an unhappy one, but we aren’t a lot who are at peace with themselves either. The constant yearning to upgrade yourself, the desire to push your limits is good enough to fuel passions. However, excess of it and you find yourself constantly blurting out sentences that begin with “If only”, “I wish”, “I could have” a tad too often. Greed, in any form takes the joy out of living.

Quantifying joy is unattainable, which means that it is entirely subjective. If contentment is taken as a marker for happiness, then everyone has their own yardstick. Perhaps this is why many advocate that happiness is simply a choice. Invest a little thought on these words and the truth of this wisdom is as clear as day.

Every day as I walk towards the metro station on my way to work, I see a bunch of urchins, running around barefoot. Their faces are dotted with snotty smiles as they lug around their makeshift toys, having the time of their lives while the traffic kicks up smoke and dust in their face. In a stark contrast, there are millions across the world who are displeased by the shiniest of baubles that their money could buy, simply because someone in or outside their clique possesses a jewel far better in appeal and value.

It surely is a blessing to find happiness in little, to value what is present instead of simply yearning for more and voluntarily inviting misery to give you company. A dear, dear friend who fits the bill was, in fact, the inspiration, my muse for this post.

To wrap up, I can only think a line from Carnival of Rust, one of the most popular songs by Poets of the Fall-

“And more than ever, I hope to never fall, where enough is not the same it was before


3 thoughts on “Happiness – How Much is too Much?

  1. Loved, how you ended it. To me happiness is a state of mind and it’s subjective. It could be the kill for the killer, drug for an addict or freedom to a prisoner. … goshhh I must be watching too much of orange is the new black. Anyways, hope you get what I’m try to say 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂
      And yes, it truly is subjective. Perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting. Everyone has their own parameter, the yardstick changes from person to person; yet at the core, the quest remains the same.

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