The Ghost Of Your Memories

I remember the countless summers

I spent under your roof as a child

Running amuck, making merry

Chasing butterflies petite and capturing dragonflies wild.

I remember beginning the day with mangoes,

While cookies and jam marked its end

Then repeating it all over again

A new day, a new memory as bruises would repair and mend.

I remember one picture, a memory that’s perfect

Two little girls, giggling on either side

It’s an almost-hug, your tall frame hunches over ours

Your eyes are scrunched, your charming smile is wide.

I remember it all, but you’re at a faraway place all happy and fine

Leaving behind the treasure of love and images of a wrinkled smile

So I miss you and sit down to create a rhyme

And try to grasp words as a grin lights up this face of mine.


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