The Uncertainty of Being

I don’t know what’s worse; not remembering all that has shaped you or embracing blindly that which is yet to become tangible.

Scrolling through my Twitter feed, this thought hits me. It’s 1 am and I’m inching towards yet another dreadfully insipid Monday. I’ve enjoyed a lazy, long weekend; the bittersweet ending of which was celebrated by guzzling copious amounts of mocha strawberry milkshake. I have had a blissful four days of nothingness.
Right now, my brain stirs up like perfectly scrambled eggs that can cure a bad hangover. The choice, the price of it all… what would be a better option? Under what circumstances would one supersede the other?
The past is a powerful thing. It’s your story, the end result of which is who you are in the now. It defines you and has great power. If it controls you, you’re stuck in the vortex of regrets, trapped in a swamp where memories dredge up without any warning. It seldom is a pretty place for many. The resemblance is more like an anvil at the blacksmith’s; it takes a good beating to forge something that is nearly perfect.
Future – A cruel euphemism for abject uncertainty. A place that is as intangible as time itself. It is a fearful place, for stepping into the unknown calls for a great deal of courage… a leap of faith, if you will. Cynics will not believe; holding onto hope only brings pain – seems a fair argument. Optimists will turn a blind eye to the darkness that the future brings. Those on the fence will, as always, hold a neutral stand.
Your present is ever-changing, that’s the only constant you have. Every decision you make is a precedent for the way the future will unfold. Like origami, you make a fold here, some there, a little more elsewhere, in hopes to create that graceful, fine-looking lotus.
The seconds tick by, each forming a drop in the vast ocean that constitutes your past. Every little ripple creates a pattern, forms rings – sharper towards the core fading…almost non-existent on the outside. Yet it manages to beautifully define the concept of a time yet to come.

Drop Bucket
So tell me then, when existence itself is a glorious state of flux, does the choice even matter?


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