Kitties, cakes and puppies

They make me scrunch my nose and smile


Movies sometimes make me weepy

I like to fold my scarves in a half


Butterflies, clouds and bubbles

They fill me with wonder and I gawk like a child


Grammar puns make me giggle

I snort when I laugh


Summer skies, beaches and guitars

They make my little heart soar


Rains make me melancholy

Black and white takes me to a different world


Sunsets, full moons and bare trees

They make me pensive


Books fulfill me

I like men with hair that’s neither bouncy nor curled


Coffee, hot chocolate and black tea

They feel like a little hug on the inside


A silly girl, a walking paradox, an emotional fool

I am my own hurricane, chasing the sunshine.


2 thoughts on “Me

  1. Really liked this one. I’m happy you’re writing less somber and intense poems. Sometimes, you should dabble in other emotions. For if you don’t experience sunshine how will you know how bright it truly is amdist the darkness of a dank cave?

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