A Crack and a Song

Christmas Eve, a magical time all over the world; where people light stars and usher in gaiety and festivity in their homes and heart. All but one; for there was a beautiful girl with a sunny smile who had her spirit eclipsed. People were up celebrating, spreading the cheer with their near and dear ones. And there she was, miles away from home; nursing her insomnia like a strong drink. The long day notwithstanding, despite working herself to the bone; sleep eluded her.

The eclipse cast a dark shadow and brought with it memories that seeped through the crack in her soul. All it took was a song, to let the torrent of emotions loose, flooding her eyes and sweeping away her smile in a murky haze. Soon confusion settled in and sped on to find a cozy spot. She felt it all, the pain, the hurt, the love and the longing. All at once, like a train wreck hurtling towards the crash site. She wanted to give in to the temptation to reach out to the one person who healed her, yet left her resembling a city ravaged by a hurricane. The pain had been a good teacher; the lesson was fresh, one that she wouldn’t forget anytime soon. Not in this lifetime. Even if it all felt so real, so alive- almost dormant yet still there, breathing…hurting. It took all her might but she managed to stay unswayed.

She saw him in every face she met, felt the tug crippling her ability to love anyone like she did with him. He was the dress that she loved but could never wear, for it carried an indelible stain. One that would slowly but surely seep inside her soul and ruin her peace. Peace – that tiny ember that was still so young, too small to become a raging fire, strong enough to protect her from agony and heart ache. She needed to love herself now; she’d done that for several undeserving candidates far too long. She let the torrent bathe her; clean her. Then like a warrior, she quelled the tears and smiled. A weak, watery smile for the crack would soon welcome the dawn’s sunshine.


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