When a Word is All You Need…

A word. Yes, that’s what he needed. A single form of expression in speech that could best describe what she was- what she meant to him. Sadly it eluded him. Right from the day he laid his eyes on her. A faint smile touched his lips as he thought of that beautiful day. The bright blue of her sweater made the cold, dank December morning look like a picture out of a kids’ story book; cheerful, lively and so much more beautiful.

That was almost eight months ago. A chance meeting here, a little confusion there and a common friend later, she was officially his girlfriend after about 5 dates. Here she was today, sitting right across him, slowly sipping on her coffee. The way the overhead lights from the tiny bistro hit her face truly mesmerised him. He was entranced by the way something so plain could highlight so perfectly the smirk in her eyes as she tipped her cup to drink it and found him staring at her. Oh well, he thought, she knows I’m a goner for her- best it becomes obvious.

He realised he would do this often, just sit and look at her, adoringly, with no thought but this in his head, What is she? This little game  had become his favourite since the recent past. Especially when they had a moment or two alone, sitting quietly, simply doing something completely mundane. He tried to think of her as some beautiful nymph, a vision in white floating in a valley of clouds, or as the simple girl who giggled too much when a puppy licked her face… as someone who… He’d had zero luck so far.

Suddenly his mind was pulled to the summer. His memory took him to a sunny day on the beach with her and a few of their friends. They’d frolicked in the water like toddlers in a fun-house, jostling, pulling, pushing; their giggles a weirdly perfect accompaniment to the crashing waves on the quiet beach. He remembered how elegant her hands looked, arched behind her back as she propped herself to work up a tan. How wildly her hair flew, stiffened by their previous shenanigans in the warm sea water. How the toe ring on her right foot glistened despite having sand all over her leg. He saw this all, vividly; like a movie playing in his mind. And then the vision unfolded, the answer, the solution to his little game… all of it. She was standing up slowly, to catch glimpse of a yellow flagged trawler as it was just coming up in sight, bit by bit – he knew it fascinated her, to see tangible proof that the Earth is indeed round.

With the sun still far away from beginning its descent, the light lit up her silhouette as she spun to catch his attention. In that moment he saw her, beaming with radiance. It hit him like the waves breaking on the rocks to his left. She was fierce yet nurturing, gentle yet strong, warm yet not without the tendency to be unrelenting. Simply put, to him, she was the sunlight.

He let a silly smile sweep his face as he rose, went by her side and kissed her temple. He’d finally found it; it may be a word, but it meant everything to him.

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6 thoughts on “When a Word is All You Need…

  1. Wow. “Simply put, to him, she was the sunlight”. So beautiful, I could almost taste the salty air and feel the sun bathe my skin. And I could definitely picture a love-struck man. Thank you for writing this!

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