I came across a very interesting writing tip for budding writers on Thought Catalog (oh, how I’m addicted to that site) by Raul Felix that said you ought to type whatever the hell comes to your mind. While I read it, I peered inwards and thought about what was going on in my head at the time. Nothing; came the answer. So, here goes an attempt.



Nothing, was what she said when he asked what she was thinking. Lately, this was becoming a pattern. To him, she seemed to be thinking far deeply than he’s ever seen her. The furrow on her wide, beautiful brow deepening; eyebrows scrunching just enough to show how big a struggle it was to grapple at the thoughts. He knew her mind was like a hurricane, throwing images and ideas at a breakneck speed. It made him smile; this quirk of hers was, according to him, most endearing. Sadly, lately he’d forgotten how it lovely it was to smile with her. On days when she would smile – a full, toothy grin, he’d feel as if the light of the heavens has descended in the space between them, illuminating them, filling him with warmth and her with ethereal beauty.

She seemed distant. Present in body, close to him, cuddling, spooning or just sitting by his side, but her mind roaming around in its own world, like the little wanderlust-bitten pixie that she was. It hurt him, to see her waste away inside like this, but he knew confronting or barging in would not help. If anything, it would cause her to bound and run, like a lithe gazelle caught in the sharp beam of headlights.

He shook his head, smiled faintly, picked up the cup and poured out her coffee.

*      *      *

She felt strange; yet herself. Minutes that seemed like hours were spent in pursuit of those thoughts. Why was it so difficult to focus on one little thing. Why was her brain such a glorious mess most of the times? Why? Why? Why? She felt fine some days and on others so so lost. Extremely content on some and so lonely on others. So many questions, she wondered if she’ll ever find the answer. She hated this feeling.

She tried to put her mind to it as she picked up the cup of coffee and met his smiling eyes. It hit her, she felt like a glass full of nothing.



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