My Date with Solitude

Taking off early from work, I make my way to the movie theater and catch Kingsman: The Secret Service. At the ticket counter, the guy who checks out my debit card asks about the power bank attached to my smartphone (low battery problems) and its power capacity. “10400 mAh, charges your cellphone almost four times”, I reply smiling, slightly amused by the sudden question. Making my way to the movie hall, I settle on the plush couch in the lounge and realize that this is the same place I sat when I saw a movie alone for the first time. Looks like we have a favourite, my mind chimes in. The movie is thoroughly entertaining, and I giggle and guffaw at places where it is funny, at the edge of my seat when it gets intense. *Colin Firth*… sigh. My rumbling stomach takes me to Prithvi Café; a cool place that I am surprised I have never been to before but am reminded that it’s a date and its best that I have never been here before. A chicken-egg roll and Coke later, my hunger to see the sunset is yet to be satisfied. Making my way to the beach just at the end of the lane, I decide I’ll go to my favourite spot on Silver Beach, at the distal end from where I stand. I scope the shoreline, my vision moving languidly to the right and the left; taking in the skyline of my city, marvelling at how far yet near those majestic buildings are. 
Accompanied by the sound of crashing waves, people walking their dogs on a clear summer day, and pick the spot where the tide washed last night. There is a plinth, of cool moist sand, just soft enough to be comfortable and I settle in. The sky is bathed in light; bright, beautiful, colours blurring into each other like the waves that rise and crash on the shore in front of me. Burnished yellow almost overpowers the grand vista that is the summer sky, minutes before sunset. The sun preening beyond the horizon in a gloriously dazzling display – its light bathing everything it touches to gold; its reflection in the waves, the moist sand from the previous night’s high tide, my toes, my skin…

The Midas touch of the sun

The Midas touch of the sun


Soft, cool and perfect... Love the beach

Soft, cool and perfect… Love the beach

I sit there, quiet, slightly stupefied even. Calm, after what felt like ages, nary a thought in my otherwise buzzing mind. I welcome this feeling, like a parched traveller does to water in the oasis. This moment, it is cleansing and I am reminded of the tranquility I felt in the inner chamber at the Rumtek monastery in Sikkim a little over a month ago… Good times. 
On its way to a descent, the sun becomes visibly smaller as it retreats behind the haze of pink, yellow and lilac that has taken over the sky. In a few seconds, it disappears completely. The blip gone and the sky’s blank albeit with a tinge of pink, quite like the skin of a woman sated and aglow after the expert ministrations of her attentive lover. I smile as I realize this and blush for some unknown reason. 

My favourite thing about beaches

My favourite thing about beaches

The air gets chillier and the evening, darker, I decide to make my way back home. My slippers slap at the fine sand and I am basking in the afterglow of a blissful two hours in my company. I break into a smile and hug myself as the salty sea breeze howls in my ears. It sounds like a tune, as if the wind is carrying with it a hum, a song of the waves, in a language that I do not understand yet feel strangely calmed by… 
A successful me-date; a well-deserved one, especially after a stressful month at work. I think there will be another one, I giggle inwardly.



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