Hello Love

I was at the airport the other day, accompanying my sister as she waited eagerly to receive her long-distance companion. There was some time till he’d walk out the Arrival gates. I began looking around distractedly, trying to kill time, while she was texting him, waiting for him to walk out. And that’s when I saw, a beautiful hello, at the far end of the lobby.

She was dressed in a multicoloured wrap dress, lissome and agile in open white heels; I think she was in her late twenties. As she stepped out the Arrival gate, her face broke into a smile for she saw,  a young man – who I presume was her paramour – casually dressed in denims, a fitted polo necked t-shirt and a beanie in tow. As she made her way to him, I noticed her hair that matched the sway of her hips and the bounce in her steps. Black, gorgeous, curly locks secured in a high ponytail; adding grace to her soft, comely features. She stopped in front of him and they grin wide, nervous yet reflecting the joy that they feel. She touches his face and mine bursts into a silly grin as I feel, really feel the warmth spread across my heart. He hugs her and slowly she wraps her arms around his neck while his tighten at her waist. They stand like this, frozen, lost in their little bubble of love, peace and I look away, guilty to be intruding on such private a moment. But like a moth to a flame, I am drawn towards them again; what I behold makes me smile some more. She’s holding him at arm’s length, his hands still at her waist, possibly regarding him, drinking in his features. They giggle a little, he holds her face in his hands tenderly and they kiss, chastely still smiling… tasting the bliss that their union has brought on.

Reluctantly they let go, she is all smiles, lit up like Christmas as she picks up her bag which he quickly takes from her. He clasps his other hand in hers, laces their fingers and they walk away, disappearing from my vision, leaving me feeling unexpectedly delighted at having seen it. Still smiling, I am brought back to the now at my sister’s squeal at having spotted her paramour just behind the big glass doors. In a haste punctuated by soft squeals and giggles, we collect our bags and rush to where he is. His face lights up when he spots her, she bounds into his arms, her puny frame fitting perfectly in his tall, muscular one. They grin wide, he throws his free arm around her shoulder and bends to kiss her cheek. They giggle, smile, hold hands, at long last as we make our way towards the cabs. I smile as the thought hits me, Hello love, once again.



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