The Escape


She sat there shoulders hunched; elbows resting on her knees, dainty palms nestling the warm cup of coffeestrong, rich, frothy and perfect. Her empty thoughts began musing about this simple pleasure, the feel of porcelain- smooth, white and hot against her hand. It felt like cradling a hug; cozy, comforting, beautiful. She knew she could go for another round and another one after that, for the rush was all she needed.

She found herself musing, thinking about how she did not see it coming. The strange remarks, the sentences that bore harsh, abrasive labels for people he had not even met… She marvelled at how blind you can sometimes be and berated her sense of reasoning deserting her when she needed it the most. Yes, she had ended it. She had been courageous enough to take a stand, start the cold war and braved the harsh winds that followed. Yet, for some strange reason, she felt conflicted but she knew she’d come a long way to dwell on things that had passed…

With a small smile she realised that she would no longer be the girl who needed defiance as the sole reason for everything she wished to do, her will would suffice. She toyed with her boarding pass, it was almost time. Time to see where this one way plane ticket would take her.

Her skin felt hot, almost as if competing with the cup of coffee that she had just drained. The announcement was made, she was on her way. An adventure, an escape, a dream or was it just a blindfold till the vapid glorification of reality is exposed?


3 thoughts on “The Escape

    1. Haha! I wrote this on a whim. I’ll see what becomes of this fearless coffee-loving girl, in a whole new land! I’ll let her story come to me and maybe make it a mini series…

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