What The Beginning Of A Relationship Feels Like After The End Of So Many Others

This is so wonderfully written. I hope everyone going through pain from their past relationships finds clarity. There is no shame in feeling anguish, however, it would be a terrible waste to let go of something that has the potential to grow into something you cannot see now. To all those, I urge: Take that leap. You do not know which wonderland you might land in. It WILL be worth it.

Thought Catalog

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After a certain amount of time, there is a rhythm to falling in love.

You meet someone. You fall mercilessly for them. And it works – for a while. You carve out those memories – the ones that seem so unique to just you and that one other person: The way they’d kiss you with firm hands and eyes open. The highway that you’d drive down with the windows down and the radio cranked. The way they’d wrap their arms around you at night that made you feel as though the entire world was safe and serene for just a moment. You fall easily into the tranquility of combining your moments with somebody else’s because it feels like you can trust it this time. Like it is going to be okay. Like you can stay there.

Except you never can. It’s not always planned or deliberate. It’s not always harsh…

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