I came across this quote online and sat wondering if we do, truly, leave a little bit of ourselves in every place we’ve loved? That magical night in Sikkim when my friends and I found ourselves beholding a sight unlike any other pops to mind. En route Lachen, we stepped out in the middle of nowhere for a pee break. Falling out of the car in the chilly night air, our eyes travel north, way above the outline of the mountains in dusk only to see stars. Nothing but stars; sparkling like glitter in the ink blue sky. Stars so bright against a night so dark, that if I reached out far enough, it felt like I’d be able to touch a couple. All coherent thought escaped, only to be replaced by the lilting notes of Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars. In that moment, I lost myself to the beauty that my urban upbringing would never allow.

Closer home, there are the magical sunsets at my favorite spot in the city’s coastline. The sky turning from a rich gold to a demure pink, proudly flaunting every colour of the rainbow in patterns that delight the soul
A single sip of a brew so rich that it makes your heart sing with joy unlike you’ve ever known…
Running after butterflies as a child, chasing dragonflies
Spinning around till the head gets tizzy with silly delight, leaving all worries behind
Finding someone you can bare your soul to. Losing that person and struggling as you protect the tiny ember of hope
A first love so cathartic, you lose a part of yourself at its end
A hug so tight it only brought more tears
I lost a heartbeat when there was a smile that was welcoming with its warmth, despite belonging to a stranger
A giggle that was as beautiful as running barefoot on warm grass in summer
A bunch of crazy people that feel like family, that feel like home
A love so warm, it felt like a salve to a heart that was tearing into a million pieces
Standing on tiptoes to kiss a friend goodbye and blinking quickly before tears threaten to fall
Feeling the pain of love unrequited; the stab of the ache that mars their world whilst spilling over in yours…
Moments like these that break the heart, memories that make a life… Having lost myself in several pieces; hope to find the real me at the end of it all.


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