Her Goddess

toppgraphy pic

Painting by Leslie Ann O’Dell (source: Pinterest)

Dearly beloved, do not hide from me
Let me get drunk on the galaxies
scattered on your back

Let me gaze
at the blue in your eyes
Touch the red in your hair and
Feel the pink on your cheeks
You, my love, wear hues
that would shame
the colours of
Spring after the Solstice…

Your hands, you say,
are clumsy and plain
But all I feel is a summery warmth
As your fingers knit with mine

Do not hide behind colours and threads
in hopes to alter your shape, for
The topography of your body,
is a brilliant, virgin land
with lush crests and verdant valleys

Your salty, sun-drenched skin
has my intrepid fingers eager,
My lips parched
And my soul enchanted,


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